VITALZEN Plus® Massager for feet, Calves, Legs, Knees and Thighs – Yellow (2019 Model) – Compression-Air Massage-Rollers-Thermal-Heating-Kneading-Foot Reflexology

VITALZEN Plus® Massager for feet, Calves, Legs, Knees and Thighs – Yellow (2019 Model) – Compression-Air Massage-Rollers-Thermal-Heating-Kneading-Foot Reflexology



Folding sections and easy transportation

Abatement of the two sections with a maximum angle of 110 degrees. In this way you can adjust and accommodate, according to the needs of each person, the position of the massager to massage your feet, legs and thighs in the most optimal way.

Choose the angle change to massage that area you prefer at any time: the twins, or thighs, or even your knees.

In addition, it has lower wheels, which facilitate the transport of the massager to the place you want.

Complete compression massage system-airbags

It has a compression massage system, consisting of 30 airbags, 3 massage modes (full – lower – upper) and 3 adjustable intensity levels (low – medium – high).

Versatility and thermal massage

Vitalzen Plus is the maximum exponent in terms of leg massagers, thanks to the wide variety of areas that you can massage: feet, ankles, legs, twins, knees and thighs.

In addition, it has an exclusive system of massage by heat, in which by means of carbon fiber it applies a thermal massage in the area of the thighs and ankles.



GLOBAL RELAX, is an online store dedicated to the trading and distribution of massage and relaxation products, with presence all over the world, composed by professionals dedicated to the sector of wellness for 20 years.

We are aware that a good rest, happens among other things for a healthy life, from a healthy diet, to the practice of sports. Therefore, we want to facilitate your daily rest, from the place you choose.

You will no longer have an excuse not to think of you!The VITALZEN PLUS foot, leg, knee and thigh massager has an ergonomic design that is at the same time avant-garde. With this massager you can enjoy or provide at any time and place, a relaxing thermal massage, kneading and pressotherapy on your feet and legs.

The use of the massager, 1 or 2 times a day, for 5-10 minutes, can eliminate the muscle pain and improve blood circulation.

Main features:

  • The massager of thighs, knees, legs and feet is formed by a kneading massage system with active rollers and 3 massage modes (continuous – short breaks – long breaks). This massage system stimulates the reflexological points of the feet. Forget the pain of feet!
  • Thermal massage: The leg and foot massager is equipped with carbon fiber, which applies a thermal massage in the area of ​​the thighs and ankles.
  • Combination of kneading massage with massage rollers, will provide you with a relaxing massage experience, while getting a double benefit: beautifies your legs and receives a reflexology massage. All this, in the same massage.
  • Thanks to its possibility of folding in two sections with maximum angle of 110 degrees, you can adjust and accommodate according to the needs of each person, to massage the legs in general, change angle to massage the twins and thighs and an angle of 110 ° to massage knees.
  • In addition, it includes a 20º incline in the lower part of the massage machine.
  • Automatic shut-off function, after 15 minutes in continuous operation, the leg and foot massage machine will stop.
  • It has an automatic shut-off function when it reaches 15 minutes.

How to use the Vitalzen Plus massager?

  • Plug the cable into the electrical network Remember European plug! Once connected you will see how the indicator starts flashing.
  • Adjust the massager to your preferences, both top and bottom.
  • Press the ON / OFF button both to turn on and off.
  • Select the desired mode on the control panel and start enjoying the experience provided by the massage device.

For whom is the use of the Vitalzen leg and foot massage machine appropriate?

  • Sports fans in general, walkers, runners, footballers … people who perform sports both daily and sporadically. When finished relax your legs and feet, prepare them for the next day.
  • Older people who have reduced mobility.
  • Workers and students who spend a lot of time sitting or standing.
  • Use it at home, in the office, while you watch football, a series … use it whenever you want.


  • The massage of kneading, pressotherapy, rollers, affect the different muscular layers of the feet, ankles and twins, achieving relaxation and rejuvenation of those areas.
  • Stimulates the positive effects of reflexology.
  • Stimulation of blood circulation and heating of muscles.
  • Reduction of stress and tension.
  • Reduction of the effect of tired feet.

Technical characteristics:

  • User Manual in English
  • Product dimensions: 16,54 x 19,69 x 22,44 inches (42 x 57 x 50 cms.)
  • Package dimensions: 19,29 x 24,80 x 22,44 inches (49 x 63 x 57 cms.)
  • Weight: 41,89 lbs. (19 kgs.)
  • 2-pin US plug.
  • Voltage: 110-120V – 60Hz / 220-240V – 50/60 Hz
  • Noise: <5dB
  • Power: 110W
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About the product
  • Massage system with 30 mini-airbags with 3 massage modes (complete full – lower body – upper body) and 3 adjustable intensity levels of pressure (low-medium-high). Kneading, shiatsu, accupressure, acupuncture and percussion massage system with active roller and 3 massage modes (continuous – short pauses – long pauses)
  • Carbon fibre that applies a heat massage (warmer therma-care) to the zone of the inner thigh, calf and knee – Thanks to its massage rollers, VITALZEN PLUS massagers ares ideal for relieving leg fatigue restless (legs reliever); reducing muscle fatigue syndrome (muscles recovery) and pain on the leg; thanks to its vibrating (revitive vibator) effect, it has an anti-cellulite effect; stimulator of blood circulation in the legs; relief of plantar fasciitis; …
  • This product is equipped with 2 folding sections that work separately: the upper section has a maximum angle of 110º while the lower section has a handle can be sloped at an angle of 20º Also fitted with rear wheels for portability
  • Easy-to-use control panel – Silent massage (less than 45dB) – Removable washable fabric cover – Automatic cut-off after 15 minutes operation – Can be worn barefoot or with stockings, tighs socks,… – This relaxer product machine is ideal for woman or man (womens/mens)
  • User Manual in English – VITALZEN PLUS electric device messager is covered with GLOBAL RELAX 2 Years Official Warranty – Optional: Plus Warranty Extension up to 5 Years (for further information, contact our Global Relax Customer Sevice) – Measures: 22.4 x 19.5 x 24.8 in. / Weight: 41.89 lb. – These products are ideal for home or travel