Super Detox ME


Super Detox ME

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Super Detox ME® Purify and Debloat 1 Day Reset Cleanse, Jumpstart Weight Loss, Break Bad Habits, Feel Lighter & with Increased Energy – Non-GMO & Gluten-Free Certified- 8 Juices


At LEMONKIND, we believe that what you drink should help your body function, not slow it down. Our 1-DAY SUPER DETOX ME JUICE CLEANSE:

  • Re-energizes the body and acts as an immune boost
  • Is a quick fix when feeling bloated, sluggish or simply considering a lifestyle change to encourage the elimination of toxins
  • Makes the digestive system more effective and improves whole-body well-being by leading to feelings of lightness, increased energy and overall good health
Say goodbye to bloating and enjoy the benefits of brighter skin lighter feeling and more energy