Purus Labs CONDENSE Endurance Enhancing Pre-Workout

Purus Labs CONDENSE Endurance Enhancing Pre-Workout


  • 10x NOX
  • Clean Energy
  • University Proven
  • Endurance Enhancing Pre Workout
  • Zero Creatine
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Color:Sangria Lemonade

– Condense pre workout enhances workout performance and endurance. – NO3-T sodium nitrate technology proven by the University of Memphis to expand human performance capacity by aiding in an increase in: – nitric oxide levels – muscular energy – oxygen efficiency – enhanced blood-flow – better nutrient absorption – Allows users to lift more weight and exercise longer – 2 grams of Carnosyn Beta Alanine helping decrease muscle fatigue and increasing strength and energy utilization – 200mg caffeine per serving – University proven with zero creatine

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Color: Sangria Lemonade
  • Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 6 inches ; 14.4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces

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ATP-Sustaining, Lactate-Buffering, Blood-Oxygenating Mitochondrial Efficiency Complex 5.3g: Betain Anhydrous (2.5g),CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine (2g), NO3-T Sodium Nitrate (360mg), NO3-T Betaine Nitrate (250mg) Caffeine (200mg)