Organic Lion’s Mane

Organic Lion’s Mane


Pure Shrooms Organic Lion’s Mane Mushrooms – Strongest 1600mg Per Serving, 90 Capsules – Memory, Focus & Nerve Health. Beta-D-Glucans: 30%, Organic, No Fillers, No Preservatives & No Additives

  • PURE ORGANIC LION’S MANE MUSHROOMS – 100% pure lion’s mane mushrooms, 90 capsules. Expiry Dec. 2020. Now available in Powder Form (Search for “Lion’s Mane Powder Pure Shrooms” on Amazon)
  • WHOLE MUSHROOM FRUITING BODIES – Made from mushroom fruiting bodies. This product does not contain fillers, mycelium, extra starch or grains. Higher concentration, quicker absorption, tested and verified.
  • IMPROVE MEMORY & COGNITIVE FUNCTION – Improve your focus and mental clarity, upgrade your brain and nervous system function and elevate your mood, memory and creativity. Scientifically proven natural nootropic, and a high performance adaptogen.


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Package Quantity:90

Lion’s mane mushroom capsules by Pure Shrooms contains the purest lion’s mane powder.

-100% pure Lion’s Mane mushroom powder.

– Count: 90 capsules; Take 1 capsule daily for normal use, 3 capsules daily for therapeutic use.

-Fruit body of lion’s mane mushrooms only, USDA Certified Organic, no added starch, non-GMO, additives free, fillers free, preservatives free, vegan, tested and verified.

-Polysaccharides: 28%, beta-D-glucans: 30%, no added starch

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Package Quantity: 90
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Organic Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus)


For use as a dietary supplement. Adults take 3 capsules per day.